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Hello and welcome to my website about restoring classic Japanese model motorcycle gauges. Although I have restored a few other brands/models of instrument gauges, I deal mostly with the gauges fitted to the Suzuki GT models of 1972 to 1977.
If you have reached this page, no doubt you have probably obtained a classic 70s model Suzuki GT250, 380, 500, 550 or 750 motorcycle, with plans for its restoration and wondered if the gauges can be made to look new again.
The answer to your question is therefore 'YES' and we are here to help you with your GT gauges.
*Kindly note* Before we can quote you on any pricing, every gauge has different issues, so its best to send us some clear sharp images of your gauges to our email address to evaluate what condition they are in at present.
Doing this will allow us to quote you a price per gauges and what work will be needed to each particular unit. 
So you can find it easily without searching all over the site, here it is: [email protected]
We pride ourselves in attention to all the little details, hours are spent making sure every gauge that is refurbished or restored looks great, but just as importantly, it also functions correctly.
From restoration and cleaning of all the related parts before assembly, right down to the calibration check; we strive for the best level of appearance and accuracy you can get from a mechanically operated gauge unit.
Never assume the factory made everything correctly either, many gauges we have tested prior to disassembly have been 'off ' by a fair margin. This happens during the mass production process and more so now the gauges have been used/abused and are approaching 40 years of age.
Even if you do obtain a New Old Stock unit, remember that its been sitting somewhere on a shelf for the last 30 plus years. By now the grease in the movement will have dried out somewhat and usually the once clear glass lens will gather a haze on its inner surface as well.
In the 'photo gallery' section you will find quite a few detailed photos of the various restoration work we have completed on gauges.
If you wish to discuss your gauge issues please feel free to do so using the 'contact us' form, or you can reach me directly at my e-mail   [email protected]   If you prefer, you can contact me at 1-954-353-2384 to discuss your specific gauge issues or requirements.
  A photo showing a restored set of 1973 GT750K gauges with mph speedometer.




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