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My name is Allan Tucker and I've been involved in the motorcycle and auto industry for over the last 42 years. At first I worked exclusively on Suzuki motorcycles in the 60s and 70s, then moved on solely to Honda motorcycles in the 70s, and finally onto Honda automobiles from the late 70s until today.

Being in this line of business has given me many opportunities to excel at working on all manner and types of vehicles and their respective components, but my first love has always been the older motorcycles, and working on or restoring them.

There really is no school of knowledge for learning how to properly restore antique parts long deleted from stock or commonly referred to as NLA (no longer available). Therefore the ability to return an old or weathered item to its original, or as near to original condition, takes a certain amount of finesse and knowledge about it and its inner workings.

Gauges fall into one such category, its not that you can simply just open it, clean the glass and put it all back together. There is always a lot of remedial and visually cosmetic work to be done so it looks correct when you are finished, but most importantly, it functions as intended.

Its here where my knowledge for these older mechanical instruments comes into the equation. Having been around them for many years and digging into their design and workings from an early age I'm well versed in how they are designed, assembled and calibrated to work. Naturally any gauge being considered for restoration will have some issues, these can range from the very simple item right up to the more complex problems older units suffer from.

I want you to be very pleased with the gauges I return to you for placement onto your classic bike; after all, my reputation is riding on the front of your bike for all to see.

If you have any questions about your gauges and their restoration, contact me at [email protected]



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