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Here are some commonly asked questions I receive from people and their respective replies.


Q: Can you sell me spare parts so I can fix my own gauges?

A: Sorry I cant sell any spare parts, all of the spare parts I use have to come from other donor gauges I've bought, and as such I will need them for my own restorative work.


Q: Do you have new decals for the faces as mine are faded.

A: I do not have decals, although some persons are selling these for certain models. To set up the artwork for re-creating one set of face decals per model of gauge is not cheap unless you are going to sell a large quantity of them. At this time its not cost effective to pursue this avenue but if you buy decals from sellers I'm sure we can easily reach an agreement on using them to restore your gauges.


Q: How long will my gauges take to fix?

A: Depending on the level of work needed it can take a from a week to three weeks on average, I send customers updates with photos of the progress during the restoration so they can see how things are coming along. I know three weeks may appear to be long time, but I find doing the work in stages is best.


Q: How can I be assured the gauges will look right when you are finished.

A: As restoration progresses you can question anything you see in the photos I send to you, or ask for additional work to be done you may have forgotten. Only when the gauges are finished and signed of by a customer as satisfactory will the job be considered completed.


Q: How much does a restoration cost?

A: A typical restoration job for a single gauge unit such as a speedometer or tachometer is approx $100.00 to 120.00 US dollars. I give quotations for incoming work based on your photos, anything unforeseen that needs discussion is only an email or phone call away.


Q: How accurate can you make my gauges?

A: Mechanical gauges all have a margin of error due to the inherent design of the spring mechanism. However, I strive for the best accuracy of approx no more than 5mph off where it counts the most. In speedometers for example, this is within the range of legally posted speed limits of between 25 to 75 miles per hour.


Q: Do you do this work full time or part time?

A: I do this work as a part time service to my customers but it does not pay the bills, well ok maybe a few.


Q: Can you take my old gauges in trade for a restored set and I pay the difference in labour?

 A: This depends largely on what condition your gauges are in and what their determined value is. Since I'm restoring gauges, your gauges will have to be in an acceptable condition to ensure its a fair deal to both parties.


Q: Will you sell me new glass lenses for my gauges?

A: Sorry I cant offer this service, simply because there are too many sizes,shapes and thickness of glass in use on the various gauges.


Q How can I know my gauges will work correctly.

A: Every gauge worked on is tested and retested by myself during each stage of the restoration process. Plus I'm fussy about getting it right the first time. 


Q: Can I use LED bulbs in my gauges

A: LED bulbs are actually better for gauges as they run cooler and use reduced current. For white illumination use 'warm white' LEDS as opposed to 'cool white' which is not as effective at illuminating inside the gauge. This is very noticeable on gauges with metal face plates where the light has to shine around the edge of the face to illuminate its upper surface.


Q: My gauges look dim even though I have brighter bulbs fitted than stock.

A: One of the main reasons for this is a poor reflective surface inside the gauge. This can be addressed but only when the gauge is open for restoration or other issues.


Q: When and how do I make payment.

A: You only pay once the gauges are completed and you are happy with the results seen in detailed photos. Paypal is very efficient and most commonly used, plus its one of the easiest and safest ways to send money.





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